About Us

annlin99 12 20120510 1049521579Annlin 99 is a picturesque duplex complex just south of the Wonderboom airport and is bordered by a soon-to-be golf estate, and a storm water catchment making the setting very peaceful. Developed by former Springbok rugby player, Albie Bates, the complex was completed in December 2005.

There are a hundred units in the complex, with each unit having a double garage. As can be expected with an average of three hundred residents and some two hundred vehicles, day-to-day management of the complex offers relative challenges. Fortunately the existing body corporate has with strict and firm principles, been able to create a pleasant environment for both owner and tenant alike.

The Trustees have placed special emphasis on the aesthetics of the complex, and have focused on keeping the gardens well maintained. The emphasis of making the complex a place where the family unit is important is evident by the way the children play freely in the common areas. While there is strict application of the House Rules, the Trustees believe that residents should not be stifled by rules and regulations.

The essence of living at Annlin 99 is based on the understanding of the concept of communal living namely, respecting your neighbour.